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    A Unique Theatrical Chameleon, Virtuoso Juggler, and Physical Comedian
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    Michael's AWESOME Juggling & Variety Show!
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    The World's First Realtime High Definition Optical Juggling Show
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Michael’s AWESOME
Juggling & Variety Show!

Fun Family Show

A Fun Family Program
45-50 Minutes

An outreach program for young audiences that tours festivals, school assemblies, libraries, special events, fairs, resorts, summer camps, park & rec, community centers and after school programs. This program can work both indoors and outdoors and requires a minimum area of 10′ x 16′ (plus space for audience). The show can also be bundled with a Drop-Free Juggling ParaPlay Exhibit or Juggling Workshops.

Click here for videos, fees and more information.

Michael’s BIG

Juggling Odyssey Program

2024  Show for Libraries
45-50 Minutes

2024 Summer Outreach Program for Libraries. Michael’s BIG Juggling Odyssey Show takes kids on a journey through many kinds of juggling while encouraging summer reading by offering a reading list of books about juggling and resources to get kids interested in developing physical skills, concentration and discipline. This program can be coupled with a workshop where participants learn the basics of juggling including scarves, pois, balls and balancing. Discounts are available for block bookings with libraries within 50 miles of each other.

Click here for more information.

Travelogue Show

Above & Beyond Program

Cultural Enrichment Program 
80 Minutes (Intermission Optional)

A multi-media production for institutions of higher learning, theaters and cultural centers. The program weaves one-minute ‘Eye of the Juggler’ dual video projections with many of Michael’s most innovative theatrical creations including “Optics”, the world’s first real-time high definition wireless optical juggling act. The format is an innovative jugglers modern day take on the travelogue lecture circuit that began in the United Kingdom. It draws from amazing video footage that Michael has collected throughout his career with action cameras, 360 devices and drones. A condensed 50 minute version is also available.

Click here for more information.

Master Vaudevillian

High Jinks Show

Michael Menes in Concert
70 to 90 Minutes (Intermission Optional)

This is a one-man variety show and celebration of physical comedy, juggling, and sketch-comedy that is accessible, visual and highly entertaining. The show is packed with fast-paced, nimble and energetic vignettes including awesome juggling routines, mind-boggling illusions, novelty arts, and hilarious audience participation. HIGH-JINKS is international and has toured across Europe, Asia, and South America transcending age, language, and cultural barriers.

About Michael Menes PRODUCTIONS

With over 30 years of experience in touring nationally and internationally, Michael Menes Productions strives to provide an easy, straightforward and enjoyable process from initial contact all the way through to a performance itself. We assist organizers and presenters with quality marketing materials, all necessary paperwork, equipment installation, as well as final performances of memorable, appropriate, entertaining and culturally enriching programs. When available, we also work with presenters to help secure funding, work with potential sponsors, and help advertise through press and media interviews as well as striving to provide great value for a client’s budget and resources


Michael Menes (pronounced men•ness) is a contemporary vaudevillian who has performed all over the world. Through a combination of dance, mime, movement, character work, and technical virtuosity, he’s known for his elegance, classy style, precision and originality. A juggler for 30+ years, fellow jugglers often regard him as a pioneer in my field.


Michael has performed around the world in festivals, theaters, corporate galas, casino showrooms, television, schools and universities, and on the stages of a dozen luxury cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America and Disney Cruise Lines.  His career highlights include CIRQUE du SOLEIL (TV) Solstrom Series • JUST FOR LAUGHS Comedy Festival (TV), Montreal, Quebec • Three X’s on “Le Grande Cabaret du Monde” (Prestigious TV Show) Paris, FRANCE • THE OLYMPIC ARTS FESTIVAL, Barcelona, SPAIN • TRAUMSPIELE VARIETé, GERMANY • THE INTERNATIONAL HUMOR FESTIVAL (TV) CCTV, Beijing, CHINA (200 MILLION VIEWERS ACROSS ASIA!), ABC’s “THE GONG SHOW” with Mike Meyers and many more…


To see longer segments and other videos, CLICK HERE.


Join Michael in raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Please share this video with friends and colleagues.


ParaPlay Promo Thumb

ParaPlay shares the world of juggling without all the messy drops!

It’s a fun, challenging, educational drop-free juggling system designed for ages 5 to 105. ParaPlay is great for physical education. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and develops concentration, rhythmic skills, problem solving, and creativity as well as nurturing a hands-on appreciation of math, physics and geometry.

The ParaPlay exhibit invites curious minds to discover drop-free para-juggling skills. Explore and discover orbital patterns, pendulum patterns, elliptical patterns and more by rolling metal bearings inside parabolic orbital dishes.

For more information, CLICK HERE.


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• No Deposit Required • Professional Sound System Included • Fully Insured •




Michael’s home base is in Western Maine, USA. I’m the owner/creator of the Eureka Arts Retreat. The space is designed for rehearsals, intensive workshops, directorial services and video production. For more information, visit www.eurekaretreat.com

Eureka Arts Retreat Studio

"Michael is terrific! His show is wonderful and appeals to all ages. He is a real pro. The booking process was professional and easy, and he comes with everything he needs for the performance. Great value for the money."John Woolsey, BAYSIDE COMMUNITY CENTER, Northport, Maine

"A fantastic, professional performer with a range of performance skills that can be catered to a young audience, a high school audience or a family-adult audience. Michael comes prepared and is self-sufficient... ...interesting, lively and memorable. He is great to work with!"Julie Middleton, Senior Associate Director of Admissions, THE HEBRON ACADEMY, Hebron, Maine

"The show was excellent. Michael immediately connected with the kiddos by shaking their hands and doing high fives. His music was upbeat, the juggling visually and creatively performed. The length of the program was perfect, especially for an evening performance and kids in the audience."Sarah Gillens, Childrens Librarian, PHILIP READ MEMORIAL LIBRARY, Plainfield, New Hampshire

"Our audience simply went wild over every one of the individual sketches and juggling sequences. His technical ability is amazing and he is a good storyteller as well. Michael is a real pro, both on stage and off. He was a delight to work with from our first conversation to the post-show wrap-up. Michael also conducted workshops for us and they were all over capacity and extremely well received. Michael gets top ratings from us in every area! We hope to have him back in the future."E. Frank Bluestein, TENNESSEE EDUCATIONAL THEATRE ASSOCIATION, Nashville, Tennessee

"A wonderful, engaging show that kept everyone entertained from start to finish... The kids squealed with delight throughout the program... Michael is terrific!"Christie Carles, TUFTONBORO FREE LIBRARY, Tuftonboro, New Hampshire

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