The ParaPlay exhibit invites curious minds to discover drop-free para-juggling skills and routines by exploring and discovering orbital patterns, pendulum patterns, elliptical patterns and more by rolling metal bearings inside parabolic orbital dishes.

Engineered by Michael Menes, an award-winning professional juggler and variety entertainer with over 40 years of experience, ParaPlay shares the world of juggling without all the messy drops! It’s a fun, challenging, educational drop-free juggling system designed for ages 5 to 105. ParaPlay is great for physical education. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and develops concentration, rhythmic skills, problem solving, and creativity as well as nurturing a hands-on appreciation of math and physics.

The exhibit features multiple ParaPlay orbital dishes set to different heights so that kids as well as adults can participate and experience drop-free para-juggling. A large projected instructional video runs nonstop on a large, 7’ x 7’ circular screen that demonstrates para-juggling moves and patterns. The entire exhibit is designed according to a fun and colorful circular design theme.

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