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Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts in this post-show survey! Feedback is really helpful in making shows better for future audiences. Anything you’d like to say about the show, publicity materials, communications, or production value is appreciated… or leaving a glowing testimonial is super helpful in promoting shows to more communities around New England.

Thank you!

Please share something that Michael can share with others about your experience. Even something short and sweet is very helpful!
Please rate the overall quality of the show.
Technical Elements
Please rate the quality of the technical elements of the show - things like props, sets and costuming.
Marketing Materials
How happy were you with the quality of publicity photos, press kits, flyers and other materials provided to you to advertise the show?
Cost & Value
How would you rate the show in terms of its price tag?
How did I do on the communication skills, contracting and paperwork.
Use this field to share any other comments or suggestions about your experience working with Michael Menes PRODUCTIONS. Thank you!
Please leave names(s), organization(s) and contact information if available! (THANK YOU!)
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