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During 2019, in honor of my great grandfather, I restored an autobiographical business book he first published in 1961 through a leading publisher of religious books, Fleming H. Revell Company. This new edition to Clinton Davidson’s book brings his amazing true story to life with historical photos, a personal introduction and new book cover that was photographed by Blank & Stoller, the photography studio in Hoboken, New Jersey that photographed famous New Yorkers like the engineer who completed the Holland Tunnel in 1927.

I believe everyone in the arts and show business should read this book!

The premise behind his book is how human nature remains constant and the fundamentals of good salesmanship never change, despite technological and other changes. This idea, as reflected in stories and characters he discovered in the Bible, makes this book timeless. Clinton Davidson was a master salesman, public figure, speaker, philanthropist, and very successful investor and financial advisor. He managed the assets of over a hundred wealthy families including American singer-actor Pat Boone. Clinton’s story is a quintessential American rags-to-riches success story. Having only received an 8th grade public education and losing his alcoholic father to suicide when he was just an infant, Clinton became a record holding life insurance salesman, financial advisor and estate planner. Don’t let the title of this book fool you!  This is not necessarily a religious book – it is a practical guide in how to be successful, provide great service and get ahead through honesty, thrift, hard work and understanding human nature. In this book Clinton describes the level of confidence required when a client is writing out a check for over a million dollars. One must practice rigorously and consciously avoiding all exaggerations in order to be absolutely truthful at all times. As he found in the Bible, there are 93 scriptures where lying is denounced.

I have more book projects in the pipeline. Next, I’ll be working on the 2nd edition of Tony and Karen Montanaro’s fabulous book on mime and theater, Mime Spoken Here, first published in 1995 by Tilbury House.

The Davidsons
Atlantic City Boardwalk, New Jersey c. 1927

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How I Discovered The Secret of Success In The Bible
by Clinton Davidson

Second Edition (187 Pages)
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